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Sherry Enema

Hugely so to you all, a quick update on the fame hungry rotters who will star in F.L.U.F.F.

As you can see, a real rogues gallery of the Firbeck social elite.

Tinkerty Tonk!


Glad Eye

Hugely so to you all on this rummiest of days, it is with excitement but also dread that I announce that the rotters at not the BBC but ITV2 wanted to film a documentary (said in it’s loosest of terms) about a group of young successful residents of the village.

It will be similar to TOWIE, (god only knows what a Towie is?) an executive told us and will be called Only Two Ways Into Firbeck, we obviously threw the bounder out and set the village ocelot after him.

But… without trepidation may I add, the Firbeck Canard is to create a series following the antics of some of the residents, it is to be called F.L.U.F.F (Following Loathsome Upstarts from Firbeck)

Stay “tuned” as we will post regular updates.