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Im a slave to fashion, libido and ladies

Damp Gusset

A design classic, available at Ken Volvos Boutique



Fanny Magnet

uFhH48eAny hip guys in the village may want to dazzle the ladies with this Autumns range of under clothes. Ken Volvo reckons this new collection should come with free birth control.

Plu,s as an extra special offer, he is offering a massive 10% off if attending the pub for Magdas gobble fest!

Show the ladies you are a sexual tyrannosaur. Roar!!


Wet Fish

Guten Tag, Bonjour and Hullo there.

Im delighted to have a regular column on the Canard, throughout the weeks I will be posting fashion tips for the discerning gent about town and country.

Ill also offer advice and tips on what to and not to do at social events, for the ladies Ill take advice from my best of friends Annie and pass on her knowledge for your digestion.

Also as a first for the Canard I will be posting pictures.