Ladies Fingers

Hugely so to you all.

As a treat to our more uncultured readers here is an excerpt from Maters memoirs.

In my drawing room I have a photograph of Noel Coward – darling Noel as we always called him.

He was a very witty man, you know – it’s a side of him not many people are aware of. I recall an occasion when I came onto the dance-floor of Mario’s in Greek Street wearing a very daring frock, a frock that revealed more of my decolletage than was then considered proper – now of course I dare say it would raise nothing more than an eyebrow – but at the time it was very wicked.

I came onto the floor and darling Noel came up to me and said ‘Rosina’ – he always used to call me Rosina – it is my name, you must understand. ‘Rosina,’ he said in that voice of his, ‘Rosina, where did you find such an alluringly low-cut torso?’ This was Noel’s little way, you see.


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