Wrinkly Testicles

Hugely and magnificently so to you all.

At Canard towers today Nanny was emptying the contents of posties sack (Nanny please brush your teeth) when she found a letter of complaint about our site! Easy now reader, we are well prepared for this type of situation.

I will keep the sender annonymous as I know his wfe is well liked in the village and one would like not to cause any embarrassment for her, plus I won’t publish the email here as I think the fame would go to his head.

I have sent this reply to him also.


You can’t send such vitriolic rubbish via email and not expect a reply even though you stated you didn’t want one. If you don’t like said site, don’t look at it, it is really very simple, or do you like the titillating pictures we sometimes post? Mmm I wonder.

Whatever the reason, we don’t care, you can keep your bullish rhetoric to yourself and maybe have sex with your wife maybe once a month! I know most of our office staff do.

I have added your email address to my spam folder, if I only had an Out of Touch Bigoted C**T folder. I tell you now sirrah, I am wearing my Victory Trousers!

Mycroft Gally-Knight


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