Cunning Linguist

Another letter delivered to the office today:

Dear Firbeck Canard, My girlfriend, whom I love very much, is unable to satisfy my appetites, and I have started going to restaurants behind her back. I am terrified that if she sees me eating in a strange place she will end our relationship. Should I tell her before she finds out?

Yours, ‘Hungry’

Dear ‘Hungry’, There’s more to a relationship than just plain eating you know. Of course for the first few weeks, food and mealtimes will be the most important thing you have between you, and you’ll spend all day at the table together exploring each other’s tastes and range of cooking styles. But if a relationship is to last, it’s important you learn to find interests outside the kitchen. If she can’t satisfy you at the moment, perhaps it’s because you aren’t telling her what you really want and need. Buy a cookery book, there are plenty available, showing a variety of cuisines that may be more to your taste.

Happy stuffing!


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