Tatty Minge

Hugely so to you all, it is with great excitement and slight tummy rubbish when I tell you ATV are remaking Crossroads.

The new series will be filmed on location here at the Firbeck Motel on New Road, the most exciting news is, the producers want local residents to play some of the parts, we have a list of available cast, if you are interested fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we will pass it on to ATV.

We have added our suggestions but feel free to apply for as many parts as you wish.

Good Luck, bagsy Adam Chance.

Jill Richardson/Harvey/Chance
Sandy Richardson – Must be a cripple in real life
Rev. Guy Atkins
Marilyn Gates/Hope
Archie Gibbs
David Hunter
Shughie McFe
Ed Lawton
Winnie Plumtree
Maureen Flynn
Arthur Brownlow
Richard Lord
Doris Luke
Adam Chance – Edmund Coterel-Beauchamp
Miranda Pollard
Rashida Malik
Paul, Assistant Chef
Benny Hawkins
Diane Hunter