Puckered Anus

Today I shall be reviewing the merits of Teenagers.

The village has quite a few of these creatures and over the last couple of weeks I have observed their strange rituals and language. I doubt most of us could understand what makes them tick, so I have compiled a list of common traits if you should happen upon one whilst out in the village:

  • Uncomprehensible language
  • Males tend to smell worse than the female variety
  • Drawn to shiny things
  • Tend to slouch and use their arms to turn their bodies
  • Constantly shout “Paedo” at men hiding in bushes
  • Abbreviate phrases, eg. OMG for “Oh my godfathers” and other such oddities
  • Constantly hit each other

There are far more traits but until I write my paper this is a good enough guide for you to spot them. I would refrain from communicating with them as it usually ends up with threats, shouts of “Paedo” and on the odd occasion, an officer of the law being called.