Astute Appendages

Much fun was to be had at the annual Firbeck Moustache appreciation gala day held on Sunday 3rd August.

It was great to see all the old regulars as well as lots of new visitors this year, including a marvelous young filly name Hairy Jess, excellent mutton chops me dear.

As always the day kicked off with the traditional head shaving of the most unpopular woman in the village, congratulations and commiserations go to Doris Welt, don’t worry though as I know a good periwig stockist, (pop in at the Hall sometime and ill have the details ready)

A few hours of waxing, combing, posturing and posing made it a very difficult task for judges to pick a clear winner but in the end old gouty John won again for the fourth year in a row, well done sir.

Hope to see you all next year.